About This Station

This entire weather station system has evolved from an interest in knowing how much rain landed on my property. The local weather stations differed quite a bit from my location and often exaggerated. So, I purchased my first wireless weather station in 2001. Then I wanted to know the rain level while I was away. So I created a website to post my rain and other weather info. Since then I've been online for 20+ years and have made many upgrades and improvements. All of this is just a hobby and I dont consider myself a weather expert. But my neighbors and other visitors such as schools appreciate it.
This weather station is a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station feeding data to its own Windows PC. This weather station is comprised of an anemometer, self-dumping rain gauge, thermo-hydro sensor, barometer, UV and solar sensors. It is positioned at a regulation height and position for high accuracy. It provides all the weather data for this location and then it is uploaded to this website about every 10 seconds. This website and its data is collected using Weather-Display software. Weather data is also sent to Weather Underground since 2003. I am the oldest WU member in the Austin area. The website also collects data from The National Weather Service, Weather Underground and other websites to build all the web pages. I hope you enjoy my website.

About Oak Hill, TX

An 1865 attempt to establish the community of Shiloh failed. Oak Hill was originally called Live Oak Springs. The Live Oak and Oatmanville schools gave their names to the community for a period. In 1870, a post office opened in the area. The Oak Hill community found success in the 1880s due to its stone quarry supplies; a new capitol building was opening in Austin during that period. In 1884, the community had 75 residents, four saloons, and one general store. Area farmers shipped cotton, hides, wool, and pecans, which were Oak Hill's principal commodities. In 1904, Oak Hill had 200 residents. The Oak Hill post office closed in 1910; the community received and sent mail in Austin. Oak Hill had around 400 people in the 1970s and 1980s. By 2000, the City of Austin annexed the Oak Hill area. Many streets and businesses identified the community as Oak Hill

About This Website

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